About Us

3D Foundry is made up primarily of one person, ninkeon58 of nkn58.xyz.

Previously hosted on 3dfoundry.tk, I have now managed to get the original domain and put the site back up for years to come. Thanks to everyone who was supportive in bringing this back from the dead as they say :)

The 3D Rad Forum archive was originally created by FDX of 3drad.org, who was able to generously make available the archive for all to download and explore. I fixed (and spent the better half of a month learning how to use reg-ex!) up this archive, and made it available online for those who can't download nearly 1GB.

I also would like to thank gamedeveloper0 and n_iron (of 3drad.boards.net) for kindly providing the files needed for me to help fill in the gaps of the archive, as well as making otherwise lost files available yet again.

Special thanks go to the late jestermon who originally founded the 3DFoundry website back in 2012, and helped support the 3D Rad community as moderator and later hosting the original 3D Foundry forum.

Thanks also go to PlayDasher who hosted the forum on 3dfoundry.tk, before I acquired the domain sans forum.

And lastly, a big thank you to Fernando Zanini, the creator of the 3D Rad and 3Impact game engine. Without these, none of this would exist.


3D Foundry is ran by a "best effort" scenario, meaning that unfortunately some files will be missing for many reasons. This can be from a DMCA request, the original files not being downloaded in the archive (and lost to the ether), or are otherwise corrupt.

All files in the archive are provided by 3DFoundry purely for preservation purposes only. 3DFoundry does not own or claim any ownership of user submitted files, the 3D Rad game engine or any other resource within.

(C) 2024 3dfoundry.net. All resources on this site belong to their original owners.